HeadzUP Vegas

HeadzUp Vegas is the first wide-scale immersive entertainment center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Are you looking for things to do in Las Vegas for both Adults and/or Kids off the strip? Get ready for hours of entertainment and adventure activities! With state-of-the-art Escape Rooms, a one-of-a-kind Trick Art Museum, the most innovative Archery Arrow Tag arena in the country, and competitive Cornhole leagues, you are sure to find a fun activity for everyone. We also feature unique DIY Workshops including Succulents, and Wooden Sign Workshops. Be prepared to overload on experiences you won’t soon forget!

One Location, Endless Adventures

Trick Art Museum

Don’t forget your camera!

Don’t bury your nose in your phone – hold it up and experience something out of this world! Wonder and awe await at the HeadzUP Vegas Trick Art Museum. No, not just any ordinary museum; with over 50,000 square feet, HeadzUP Vegas has something special for everyone! Ticket holders may take as many pictures as they’d like and freely interact with every painting and illusion, no tour guide required. For a fun, exciting experience, no need to look any further – HeadzUP Vegas is just an adventure museum away!

Escape Rooms

Be Quick. Be Clever. Be Brave.

The door is locked. 60 minutes are on the clock. Are you ready for the Las Vegas escape room challenge?

HeadzUP Vegas – Brainy Actz Escape Room Las Vegas is a real-life puzzle adventure that puts you and your friends in a locked room with 60 minutes to accomplish your goal! Whether you are escaping the clutches of a cursed pirate or searching the jungles of Africa for an ancient treasure, you will have to work together and use the clues at your disposal to claim victory!

Archery Arrow Tag

It’s Like Dodgeball..Only with Arrows!

The HeadzUp Vegas Coat of Arms archery arrow tag game begins with a number of arrows in the center of the arena. At the whistle, players race to collect them, before firing them at one another across the playing field. A player is eliminated if struck by an arrow, and a player can bring an eliminated teammate back into play by catching an arrow. The first team to eliminate every player on the opposing team wins. If both teams have players in the game by the end of the match, the team with the most points wins.

DIY Workshops

Unleash Your Creativity!

HeadzUP Vegas DIY workshops let you unleash your creativity! Create your own vintage-style wood sign or create a beautiful succulent terrarium in a fully instructed, fun-filled experience.


Welcome to HeadzUp Vegas Cornhole games and leagues. Your home of the ACL in Vegas. We will be hosting leagues, weekly ACL local tournaments, as well as a monthly ACL regional. New to the game or are wanting to learn the game? Well we have the perfect leagues for you, they are drafted by the best players down to the newcomers for even teams so everyone drinks and has a great time. Still nervous because you’ve never even thrown a bag? No problem we will be having some of the best players in the state hosting Cornhole workshops where we will teach you the Ins and Outs of the game, so you can go from a novice to a champ! All prices are posted on the events, No outside food or alcohol please.


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3542 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89169