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Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Las Vegas, NVOur goal at HeadzUP™ by Brainy Actz Escape Rooms is to provide the most exciting escape games experience in Las Vegas. You and your family will have plenty of choices on your next adventure. The mystery rooms we have created are made to challenge your problem-solving skill and intellect to push your brains to the limit. You will have the time of your life finding clues and solving mysteries. You will want to keep coming back to take on the next HeadzUP™ by Brainy Actz escape room challenge. Bring your kids and/or friends to have more people solving the same puzzle. Our puzzle rooms are also a perfect venue to host corporate events and birthday parties.

The Las Vegas Escape Games Experience

If you are looking to find fun things to do for kids & adults in Las Vegas, NV then doing one of HeadzUP™ by Brainy Actz Escape Room Las Vegas is the ideal team building activity. It is real-life puzzle room adventure that puts you in a room for 60 minutes, with up to 10 people. The goal is to try to solve different objectives to ultimately free yourself and team before the clock runs out.

Live escape game rooms are not new.  As a matter of fact, an escape room is modeled after online puzzle games which have been around for years. In those virtual escape games, players control an avatar in a specific setting, interacting with various objects to uncover clues. Then using that information from those clues to solve puzzles. Real-life escape games take this concept a step further and immerse participants in an environment where they essentially become the avatars and must work together to achieve an overall goal.

The door is locked. 60 minutes are on the clock. Are you ready for the escape room challenge?

HeadzUP™ by Brainy Actz Escape Room Las Vegas is a real-life puzzle adventure that puts you and your friends in a locked room with 60 minutes to accomplish your goal! Whether you are escaping the clutches of a cursed pirate or searching the jungles of Africa for an ancient treasure, you will have to work together and use the clues at your disposal to claim victory!

Secrets of the Master

You’ve been brought together by an international art syndicate to locate the Master’s lair...

10 | $30/person

The Legacy Room

Solve the mysteries and magic that lie within to prove that you are worthy to live "The Legacy"...

10 | $30/person

Backstage VIP Pass

Can you locate the all access passes, and get backstage to meet your idol before security throws you out?

10 | $30/person

The Great Car Heist

Your car has been stolen! Can you find the evidence to convict Greasy Pete?

10 | $30/person

High Roller

Can you break into the secret underground vault and escape with all the cash before it’s too late?

10 | $40/person

The Smokin’ Gun

You have a famous bandit cornered, but can you complete the mission and take him down?

10 | $40/person


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