Las Vegas Day Trip: Summerlin, Nevada

Summerlin Nevada Day Trip

According to the official website of Summerlin, the community is a 22,500-acre land that boasts of well-planned residential homes and recreational facilities which include more than 150 parks. Relax in the parks and experience the local culture, something off the beaten track of the rest of Nevada.

Nature Trips in Summerlin, Nevada

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is easy to access from Summerlin. Get on your bike and enjoy the bike trails in the area. You can also choose to hike or climb to go to higher spots and experience more breath-taking views. Remember to take plenty of water and a map if you plan to take on nature without a guide. Also, don’t be too discouraged if you can’t hike or climb as far as you planned; these activities are difficult. Some people spend their entire lives mastering them.

Summerlin residents and visitors can join regular competitions organized in the area. You can join running clubs and other similar groups for biking, trekking, and other nature trips. You can regularly make a trip to the area to join events and take part in the community.

Parks in Summerlin, Nevada

Almost every residential community in Summerlin has small parks where families can relax. Children can play in the playground while you can take a quiet walk, go for a jog, or just rest and be quiet. Sometimes it’s necessary to let both the kids and yourself unwind a bit.

The parks are operated and maintained by the Summerlin Council, and with over 150 parks, the place is rich in places where you can find new things to do and discover, whether you are on a vacation or a resident. Don’t get stuck in the “there’s nothing to do” rut as a resident; there is most definitely something to do.

Sports in Summerlin, Nevada

The Community Park in Summerlin has two soccer fields which can be used for leisure, as well as for organized games. Some parks also have swimming pools where you can do laps and compete in local competitions and tournaments.
Play golf in one of the nine courses nearby. Angel Park, for instance, is located in a strategic area, with views of the Red Rock Canyon and the Las Vegas Valley. Badlands Golf Club offers different levels of challenges, making it ideal for all golfers to learn and hone their skills.

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