One Vegas Hotel Towers Above the Rest: Stratosphere

In a tough economy, Vegas hotels are doing anything that they can to bring business to their casino. At Stratosphere, things are looking up.

The blueprints for most Vegas hotels are about the same. Guests will have a casino to play in, a few restaurants to eat in, a showroom with over the top entertainment, and a fabulous room in which to rest their heads. Sounds simple enough.

Stratosphere Las Vegas opened in 1996 and was remodeled in 2001. It currently offers more than 2400 rooms and 133 suites and has an 80,000 square foot casino. 7 different restaurants serve up everything from fast food to gourmet dining. The bars, the nightlife, and the pools of the Stratosphere are all of the qualities that Las Vegas guests have come to expect. So, how does the Stratosphere set itself apart from all the rest? For the answer to that question, just look to the heavens.

Stratosphere Towers Above the Las Vegas Strip

It’s not easy for a Las Vegas resort to come up with an idea that hasn’t been done over and over before, but Stratosphere Las Vegas has done it. The Stratosphere tower is 1149 feet high and is without a doubt the most easily identifiable landmark in Las Vegas.

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, the Stratosphere is more than just a cool place to put a cell phone tower. At the 800 foot level is the Top of the World restaurant. The restaurant boasts some of the best gourmet food in Vegas, and the view is amazing. The restaurant rotates once every 80 minutes, and the ambiance is like nothing else in Las Vegas. Don’t miss the Cheesecake Lollipops.

Vegas Hotels were Never Like This

Taking an elevator to the highest observation tower in the United States and staying for a bite is reason enough to check out the Stratosphere tower, but people on a Las Vegas vacation need constant action, and the Stratosphere has got them covered. Here are some ways to pass the time between a session at the casino crap table and a visit to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop:

  • Big Shot – 16 passengers are shot 160 feet straight up at 45 mph. At the highest point, this thrill ride tops out at 1081 feet above the desert floor. Make sure to buckle up.
  • X-Scream – Just like any other playground teeter-totter, except this one extends 27 feet beyond the edge of the tower. Nothing but 866 feet of Las Vegas air are beneath the rider’s feet.
  • Insanity – Like swinging in a tire that is hung from a backyard tree, if the backyard tree is 900 feet high. Passengers will experience 3 ‘G’s, and a great view of the street, way down below. Hey, for at least a while, that pile of bills in the mailbox just won’t matter.
  • SkyJump – Hey, there’s probably a line at the elevator anyway.

Vegas Hotels Can Only Look Up

Every Las Vegas hotel has something to offer, and some have things that the Stratosphere doesn’t. The casino at MGM Grand is bigger, and Caesars Palace has a better location. But, for white-knuckle thrills and a view that reaches half-way home, none of the gambling halls or fabulous nightspots in Las Vegas can measure up to the Stratosphere.

If only a pile of chips was this high.

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