Las Vegas Zoo, Zoo Near Las Vegas Strip

A Visit to the Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park

The Las Vegas Zoo is a small and quiet gem away from the hustle and bustle happening at the gambling tables and private gambling rooms.

Amid the many high rising and colorful casino hotels like The Venetian, The Mandalay Bay, and Bellagio among others, Las Vegas is an urban jungle where players, full of wishful thinking hope to get rich at a blackjack, 21 or poker table; now the most popular game thanks to the very competitive World Series of Poker played in the city every year. However, unbeknown to many visitors is that the city is full of outdoor activities, among them The Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park, also known as Las Vegas Zoo. For local visitors and tourists, a zoo is a special place rich in natural beauty and magical entertainment.

Children Feeding the Animals at Las Vegas Zoo

Although small, The Las Vegas Zoo is a gem away from the rambling noise of the casino machines, gambling tables, and private gambling rooms. And it is just a few minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard), where the majority of hotels are located. Although the facility does not have a large variety of exotic animals, compared to other zoos in the United States, it is a charming place that at times resembles a family farm rather than a zoo. However, visitors are never away from the action. There are crocodiles splashing their tails on the water, and roosters squealing and chasing hens one after the other. Recently, the zoo lost one of its lions, a 10-year-old named Midas, due to cancer according to a representative of the institution.

With a small petting area for children to play and feed animals such as goats and wallabies, the zoo houses geese, docks, and ducklings running freely all over the zoo waiting to be fed by the visiting patrons. In addition, the zoo houses eagles, with big claws to trap prey; ostriches and emus with large necks that stretch out of their cages, and big eyes begging for whatever people can feed to them. Therefore, the zoo is perfect for individuals and families looking for something new to see in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Zoo is Educational

As the only zoo in Las Vegas, open all year, it is represented by pink flamingos (what is Las Vegas without flamingos?), many species of venomous reptile native of the South part of the state. Let us not forget to mention the zoo also has a few monkeys which, according to a zookeeper, are better known as Barbary Apes, the last of their species remaining in the United States.

According to the Zoo’s website, the family-oriented facility also exhibits a botanical display of endangered cycads (plants found across much of the subtropical and tropical parts of the world) and rare bamboos. In addition, the mission of the zoo is to educate children and the general public about endangered species and habitat protection.

For visitors who want to see a different part of Las Vegas that is rarely visited by tourists as well as locals, the Las Vegas Zoo is a small but magnificent place that educates and makes anyone smile.

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