Seaquest Interactive Aquarium Review

Did you hear? Las Vegas has an aquarium off the strip! Sure we all love Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef, but it’s a quick walk for us locals. Now we have Seaquest Interactive Aquarium as a great resource for our families to expose our children to marine life as well as animal engagement.

Review of Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium located at the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas. We took a short walk down the mall corridor outfitted with portholes peeking into the aquarium itself. The gift store is the entry where you buy tickets.

Upon entering you will be asked to stand against a green screen for photos you can purchase towards the end of the experience. Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest exhibit. Freshwater Stingrays, Water Monitors, Arowana, Pacu, Red Eared Sliders, and an interactive exhibit where you go into a room with over 30 Iguanas and if you bought a token, you can feed them lettuce. You can also use a token to feed the pacu fish.

Continue on to the California Coast featuring a Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eel. Cold Starfish and Anemones, and down a hall a bit further are the pretty Moon Jellyfish.

You enter the Caribbean Cove to see sharks, stingrays, and an assortment of saltwater fish. This is where we spent most of our feeding coins. You can feed the stingrays, sharks, and fish. The stingrays were the most fun to feed.
If you want to buy tokens to feed the fish, you have another opportunity here.

You can also buy snacks and sit down at picnic tables as well. But don’t stay or you’ll miss the next section The Egyptian Desert. This exhibit holds a Giant Sulcata Tortoise, Black and White Tegu Lizards, Archer Fish, Caiman Lizards, Bearded Dragons, and Baby Tortoises.

The Creatures of Light area is pretty cool too.

More feeding options arise when you see the Tucan and aviary of parakeets and another of Lorikeets. Be careful in the Lorikeet aviary, they can scare kids quickly. Just be prepared.

Just steps from the bird area is the Eldorado Springs outdoor playground. You can find food trucks just outside these gates when available. When the misters are on it’s fun even in the sun. The water feature pouring down the troughs was a big hit.

Onto the Mayan Jungle, you’ll find Spotted Garden Eels, Green Banded Garden Eels, Caiman Lizards, Jackson Chameleon, Soft Shelled Turtles, Cichlids, Frogs, Corals, and Reef Fish, Brazilian Seahorse, and River Fish.

The Boardwalk is where the kids get to do more touching and feeding. The Duck and Koi pond is fun for feeding and there is a fun informational macaw show. This is also the area by the sharks and stingrays where you can buy more coins for feeding. There are snacks for sale as well.

The kids love touching the starfish and sea anemones. There are several cool things for the kids to do here. This is also where you view the photos that were taken when you first walked in, remember the green screen? Members get half off the photos pkgs. The hurricane chamber was a favorite as well. The day we visited Seaquest they had a mermaid giving glitter tattoos for a token.

One thing I can say for Seaquest, bring money. Buy tokens in bulk, they never expire and you will use them. If you can’t pack a lunch, SeaQuest Boardwalk has hotdogs and snacks for purchase.

The last exhibit is the Shark Lagoon feature Hound Sharks, Bamboo Sharks, Nurse Sharks, and Green Moray Eels.

Overall we felt the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium was fun for the kids and me. I’m not sure we’d buy the membership, but it’s a great escape from Vegas heat!

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium Review

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium Located in the Boulevard Mall
3528 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

Single-day admission
Ages 2–11:
Ages 12+:
Ages 55+, Military:

Feeding Tokens
Each container of food for the animals costs 1 token:
4 Tokens/$9.50
10 Tokens/$19
20 Tokens/$34.20
50 Tokens/$76

Annual Memberships:

Single Annual Membership $59.95
Unlimited admission for one named person for an entire year.

Dual Annual Membership $109.95
Unlimited admission for two named people for an entire year.

Family Annual Membership $139.95
Unlimited admission for two named adults and up to three named children under 18 years old for one year.

Ultimate Family Annual Membership $199.95
Unlimited admission for two named adults with unlimited named children living in the same household for one year.

Grandparents Annual Membership $399.95
Includes unlimited admission for Grandparents and any number of grandchildren for one year. (parents not included)

Add an additional adult to your Annual Pass
(not available with Single or Lifetime memberships)

All passes include:
Unlimited visits, 10% off summer camps, birthday parties, and group events, VIP early entrance, free access to all SeaQuest Aquariums in Layton, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada, 10% discount on all gift shop items, and accompanying friends and family daily admission passes are 50% off!

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