Reno, NV is the Biggest Little Vacation Destination in the Nation

Reno is smaller than some other gambling towns but has just as many ways to get in trouble. With Lake Tahoe close by, a Reno vacation can take many shapes. Some vacation destinations can be fairly one-dimensional. People go to these places because they offer a specific type of entertainment that the whole gang enjoys. When everybody gets tired of doing the available activities, or when the money runs out, the vacation is over and it’s time to go home.

An ideal vacation destination would offer variety. People who like to relax or prefer the great indoors could do so, while the outdoors crowd could find something to keep themselves occupied. Ah, but we’re in luck, for such a place does exist.

Reno, NV is a place that caters to many types of vacation activities. A Reno vacation can involve a stack of chips at the crap table or a yard sale wipeout on a black diamond ski trail. Whatever activities a vacation party is looking for, the “Biggest Little City in the World” is ready to party with you.

Reno Hotels and Reno Casinos

It doesn’t matter if you fly into Reno or roll into town on I-80, one stroll down N. Virginia Street will offer a glaring look at the biggest game in town: Casino gambling. On either side of the street, hidden behind the flashing neon, Reno hotels Harrah’s, Silver Legacy, Fitzgerald’s, and Circus Circus beckon. And, where you find a Reno Hotel, you can usually find a Reno Casino.

Reno Casinos offer the type of casino gambling that is found in most other places, but they are normally smaller and less crowded than the huge casinos found on the Las Vegas Strip.

Atlantis Reno Joins the Crowd

The downtown Reno area is packed with hotels and casinos, so a new Reno Casino had to locate elsewhere. South of downtown Reno, on the former site of Golden Road Motor Inn, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa opened for business in 1999. Not to be confused with Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Atlantis Reno brings a tropical theme to Reno.

Atlantis Reno features a smoke-free poker room, 32,000 square feet of casino floor space, and the only 27-floor concierge tower in town. Much like Vegas, Atlantis Reno offers over-the-top entertainment for the guests who fill the 1000 rooms on the property.

Lake Tahoe Vacations

All this talk about Reno casinos is fine, but what about some vacation activities for the outdoor type? It just happens that Reno is a short drive from Lake Tahoe. Almost all of the Lake Tahoe attractions happen outdoors. Boating, fishing, water skiing, and laying on the beach are activities that appeal to the more active crowd, and scenic Lake Tahoe, on the edge of the Nevada desert, is a great place to do them all.

The water in Lake Tahoe might get a little cold in the winter, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do outside. Snow skiing resorts make good use of the white stuff that falls in the Sierra Nevada range. And, if standing in a lift line at a crowded resort doesn’t sound like fun, this is the area for you. Within an hour’s drive of Lake Tahoe are not one, not two, but 18 ski resorts. That should provide enough variety for a nice, long vacation.

And, with Reno casinos this close, the money should never run out.

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