Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and Airplane Rides

Aerial Arizona Sightseeing at the Mile-Deep Gorge

Grand Canyon helicopter tours and airplane rides offer stunning aerial views of its craggy cliffs and multicolored mile-high walls.

Traveling by air over and through the vast Grand Canyon is a popular Arizona sightseeing activity. A number of tour providers offer Grand Canyon helicopter tours and airplane rides from Las Vegas and the South Rim.

Possible upgrades include lunch on the floor of the Grand Canyon, hiking or riding through the gorge, whitewater or smooth water rafting or boating, or extending the journey to include an aerial tour of the Hoover Dam.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon helicopter tours embark from outside the National Park. One tour provider, Papillon, has exclusive permission from the Haualapai Indians to descend 4,000 below the canyon rim, landing on the floor of the Inner Gorge. Tourists enjoy a traditional native lunch and champagne toast before continuing the aerial sightseeing journey.

Another tour operator, Maverick Helicopters, offers a departure from three locations: Las Vegas, South Las Vegas Valley, and the Grand Canyon. Participants enjoy a breathtaking helicopter tour in tourism-based ECO-Star helicopters, equipped with theater-style seating and panoramic windows.

There are Grand Canyon helicopter tour options to suit almost any budget, with numerous luxury add-ons and trip extensions. Browse the selection of aerial tour destinations online before booking.

Grand Canyon Airplane Rides Offer Stunning Bird’s Eye Arizona Sightseeing

Dozens of Grand Canyon airplane tour providers offer departures from Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Airplane rides may tour any or all of the Grand Canyon rims, or extend to view other popular Arizona sightseeing destinations such as Mead Lake, the Hoover Dam, and the tribal lands of the Hualapai.

Aerial sightseeing is a great way to make the most of the shorter Grand Canyon trips. Spanning 277 miles and reaching four to eighteen miles in width, the Grand Canyon is a vast area to cover on a one or two day trip.

Grand Canyon plane tour operators offer a variety of upgrades and add-ons including helicopter tours, bus tours, walking the Skywalk, boating, and touring ranches.

How to Choose and Book Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and Airplane Rides

Grand Canyon tour operators offer a wide variety of aerial tours to suit any budget or time restrictions. Browse a number of tours from different providers online, considering:

  • Additional options or inclusions such as land tours or boating trips
  • Availability of shuttles or other transportation to and from hotels
  • Cancellation policies, including weather delays
  • Inclusion of meals and/or beverages
  • Sightseeing destinations and stopovers/tours
  • The tour company’s safety record and the type of equipment used
  • Tour price with taxes and any applicable surcharges

Book online, or take a chance at a discounted tour and wait to book at a hotel or directly through the company. Reserve in advance to avoid disappointment during peak tourism season.

Other Incredible Grand Canyon and Arizona Sightseeing Trips

The Grand Canyon has something to offer travelers of every age and interest. Hike the gorge, camp for weeks, tour the floor on an ATV, or lazily float the Colorado River on a smooth water rafting trip.

A visit to the Grand Canyon can be exciting or relaxing, but never boring.

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