3 Show to Hit and One to Miss in Las Vegas

Production Shows in Vegas the Tickets Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

A visit to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without seeing a lavish production show, but what to see and what to pay for the tickets can sometimes be a hard decision.

Las Vegas is known for gambling, pleasure, and drink, but it is also one of the best cities in the world to see a theatrical production. Most of the major hotels and even some of the smaller ones have a showroom in which one can see anything from musicals to magicians, hypnotists, comedians, and of course, topless lovelies any day of the week.

Here are three shows to hit and one to skip when visiting Las Vegas, Nevada.

Show in the Sky is Wallet-Friendly

Show in the Sky at Rio Las Vegas- Ticket price: FREE. The masquerade in the sky plays six times a night starting at 7 pm every Thursday to Sunday. A splashy production show with talented dancers and two great singers make this free show one of the best deals in Vegas. The show is energetic, fun and finishes with a huge Mardi Gras-style float that runs on a track from the ceiling.

Crazy Horse Paris Won’t Break the Bank

Crazy Horse Paris at MGM Grand- Ticket price: $50.50 & 60.50 plus tax. The chic red velvet and cabaret-style seating is an artful rendition of the original Crazy Horse in France and opened in Las Vegas in 2001. Originally called La Femme, this new production features 12 highly trained dancers, all of whom have performed with the original cast in Paris. An artistic homage to female beauty and sensuality, the show is filled with stylized lighting and precise choreography. It is easy to forget that the cast is essentially naked for the entire show.

Le Reve is the Ultimate Splurge

Le Reve at The Wynn – Ticket price: $179.00 plus tax. The V. I. P. Indulgence Package to Le Reve is a heavenly indulgence. Be sure to arrive early for the show since these seats come with a bottle of Perrier-Jouët, this gives the personal hostess a chance to open the champagne and serve the chocolate covered strawberries before the show starts. The seats also have live video monitors of backstage and underwater to watch before and during the show. The hostess even discreetly brings a tiny bottle of cold water at some point during the evening. The V.I.P. pass also works as a line pass in selected restaurants and as free access to the nightclub Blush. The best part is this show is mind-blowing from start to finish.

Think Twice About X Burlesque

X Burlesque at The Flamingo- Ticket price: $44.95 & 55.95 plus tax. This show is slightly tedious to watch and the poor seating combined with slow drink service make it not worth the time in a city like Las Vegas. Although the all-female cast is attractive in their various states of undress, clearly only one or two of them have real dance training. Not worth the time it takes to line up before the show.

There are so many things to do and experience in Las Vegas and seeing one of the big production shows is a great long-standing Vegas tradition.


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