Best of Las Vegas: Sportsbooks

Las Vegas always does everything bigger & better than anywhere in the country. When it comes to sportsbooks, Las Vegas has the market to itself.

Las Vegas and Nevada have perfected the art of sports bookmaking. Lefty Rosenthal, the man Robert DeNiro’s character Sam Rothstein was based on, created the first state of the art sportsbook in Las Vegas. From that day forward, sportsbooks have been a key moneymaker for the Las Vegas casinos.

Not only do the sportsbooks generate traffic throughout the casino, but they also create opportunities for the casinos to hold large amounts of money on long term futures bets. Futures bets are huge for the casinos. The futures bets on anything from the Super Bowl to the World Series allow the casinos to hold on to the bettor’s money for six to eight months. The following are the best sportsbooks of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Hilton Superbook Makes Most of Old School Feel

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook is one of the original sportsbooks in Las Vegas. The sportsbook is a mix of the best of the new in sportsbook technology and the best of the old. The Las Vegas Hilton is by far the largest sportsbook in Las Vegas and includes one of the newest pieces of software in the sportsbook business.

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook makes use of the E Deck handheld gaming device, as detailed in this New York Times article, it is also used by The Venetian and the M Resort. The E Deck handheld device allows a bettor to place a wager on specific plays and also bet on an ever-changing point spread.

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook also throws football parties every NFL Sunday in their theater (special betting windows make it convenient to place bets in the theater) for another couple thousand loyal sportsbook patrons. The Las Vegas Hilton is located on Paradise and Karen next to the Las Vegas Convention Center. You can access the Las Vegas Hilton from the Las Vegas Strip via Convention Center Drive. The better approach is to park in the back of the hotel on Joe W Brown.

The Venetian Sportsbook is a Plush Location to Relax & Watch Sports

The Venetian Sportsbook is one of the more plush sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip. Also, next door is the Lagasse’s Stadium with cuisine from world-famous chef Emeril Lagasse. A unique environment that includes world-class cuisine in a sports betting locale, located in the Palazzo adjacent to the Venetian. Although it is called stadium seating, the seats are not your typical rigid upright seats.

Both sportsbooks also feature what they refer to as pocket casino. It is the same as the E Deck and allows players to place bets throughout a game. The Venetian is located on the Las Vegas Strip and Spring Mountain Road across from the Wynn and Treasure Island.

The Palms Sportsbook is Great Unless You Like to Bet NBA

Located just off the Las Vegas Strip is the Maloof’s Palms Casino Resort. The Palm’s is owned by the Maloof family, who also own the Sacramento Kings, making it against gaming regulations to book sports bets on the NBA. Aside from that small issue, the Palms Sportsbook is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

The Palms features 140 individual work stations with televisions for sports bettors and horse race bettors. The fringe benefit of the Palms sportsbook is the attentive and beautiful cocktail waitresses and the proximity to the food court. The Palms Casino Resort is located on Flamingo just West of Valley View across the street from Gold Coast Casino.

Convenience & Best Price For the Bet Should Always be 1st Choice–Shop your Lines

Sports bettors that enjoy relaxing and watching games on a Saturday or Sunday during football season can’t go wrong with any of these three sportsbooks. If you are looking for a sportsbook to just place a bet and run back home or back to your hotel any sportsbook will do. Always make sure to shop your betting lines and get the best price.

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