Best Places to Meet Women in Las Vegas

Where to Meet Female Singles in Las Vegas

An insider guide on where to meet some of the sexiest women when visiting Las Vegas.

We’ve all seen the ad on TV by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority where the guy is in his hotel room asking if he can get a wake-up call on his cell phone. You know this ad, right?

When I first saw this ad I practically fell out of my seat laughing. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority was pretty much saying, “Hey guys, come to Vegas and you’re bound to wind up in some hot chick’s room after a healthy night of partying and guess what, we won’t tell anyone!”

What makes that ad even funnier is that if you know where to go and what to do in Vegas, it isn’t that far removed from the truth; Vegas is packed chock full of partying women

Ironically, these ads pretty much cater to men and their most base desires and fantasies. But, the truth of the matter is that over 45 million people visit Las Vegas every year, and half of them are women. And while the Las Vegas Visitor’s Authority continues to cater mainly to men, they neglect to mention that most of the 22.5 million women who come to Vegas each year are looking for the same good time men are.

Meeting these women is not a problem. The trick is knowing where to go.

Hot Spots and the Not Spots

Of course, there are the standard Mega Clubs of the Las Vegas Strip such as Pure, LAX, Light, and Tao, etc. There are two problems with these clubs, however. First, they are WAY too expensive, with some charging as much as a $30 cover charge per person and $20 per martini.

The second and more troubling aspect of these high-profile clubs is the number of “professionals” posing as club-goers.

Rule of Thumb: If you’re in one of these clubs and a drop-dead gorgeous woman approaches you and offers to buy you a drink, run, don’t walk, in the other direction. And make sure you have your wallet on you when you do.

Don’t Trust the Cab Drivers

The number one question cab drivers are asked in Las Vegas is, “Where can we go to meet women?” Or, another way to put it would be, “Where can we go to get [fill in the blank here]?”.

What tourists don’t know is that cab drivers have side-deals with strip clubs and bars to bring customers to their location. If you and your buddies pile into a cab and ask the cab driver to take you to a place where you can meet women, they’ll take you someplace where they’ll get paid as much as $20 per person for bringing you there! Nine times out of 10 you’ll get dropped off at a strip club or a bar that’s hurting for business. Don’t fall prey to this. Know where you’re going before you get in the cab. So, where do I go?

Good question. Glad you asked.

The Hard Rock Hotel Casino – Center Bar

The center bar at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino is legendary for its abundance of smokin’ hot women. It’s called the “center bar” because it’s right in the middle of the Hard Rock’s casino. Here you will find hundreds of the most gorgeous women in the world and a laid back crowd that just wants to enjoy their evening. It’s not unusual to have the crowd at the “center bar” be 7 or 8 people deep, and that can delay you getting your drink in a timely fashion, but it does mean you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet the women in the crowd.

Krave Nightclub at Planet Hollywood

When Krave first opened it was considered a cutting edge “metro-sexual” club, where inhibitions were discouraged and wild times embraced.

Today, Krave is largely considered a “gay” club, but that’s not entirely accurate. Krave certainly caters to the gay crowd, but what most people don’t know is that it is a great place to meet straight women.

Believe it or not guys, straight women hang out at gay clubs. As one girlfriend of mine recently commented, “I need to find a gay BFF so we can do each other’s nails and talk about guys together!”

What most men don’t realize is that straight women love to hang out at gay clubs because they can have fun without feeling like a piece of meat in a butcher shop.

Another thing most men don’t realize is that if a straight woman meets you in a gay bar, you are going to get monster “kudos” for being secure enough to even go to a gay bar. Not to mention the fact that you’re dealing with a woman who obviously is fairly open-minded and looking to have as much of a good time as you are.

If you meet any of these women and you have any game whatsoever, you’re in.

The Pool at the “M” Resort Casino

Here you will find some of the most gorgeous women you’ve ever seen in the world just hanging out and sipping on martini’s. The “M” is known and loved by locals as one of the best places to party in Las Vegas, and during the summer months, you will usually find one of the hottest DJ’s in the world, DJ L1, Spinning your favorite house music.

Trust me, it’s worth a visit just to see L1 in action, but beyond that, this is one of the hidden gems that man Vegas local women flock to in order to avoid all of the “tourists”.

“Rocks” at the Red Rock Hotel Casino

The last place I’m going to recommend is “Rocks” lounge at the Red Rock Hotel Casino. This intimate, well-appointed modern decor is complemented by some of the most beautiful women to walk the planet.

Red Rock Hotel Casino is located a few miles off the Las Vegas Strip, and caters mainly to locals. This means moderate pricing on most drinks and local women who are enjoying their native habitat.

To quote the Magic 8 Ball, all signs “yes” when enjoying the local flavor of Las Vegas.

Cheers, mate! Enjoy Vegas and be sure to let me in on all of your stories when you return!

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